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"Reform will come, and only come, through the building of mass movements and alternative centers of power that can overthrow -- let me repeat that word for Homeland Security -- overthrow the corporate state. If we fail to sever these chains, we will become like the many who did not rise up in time to save their civil society's human chattel. This means we too must defy the law and engage in civil disobedience."    - Chris Hedges



Please Support Our 2019 General Strikes and Consumer Boycotts!

America is in a desperate state, and it is not just because of Donald Trump. Our problems are bigger than any one man.  He is merely a symptom of a corrupt, fascist system whose puppeteers believe in elite privilege, corporate rule, and dog-eat-dog competition that destroys families and communities. Unless we overthrow this corrupt system, there will be more Donald Trumps in our future. Make no mistake about it. This behavior isn't limited to the GOP. For decades we've watched the total disintegration of the Democratic Party into a corrupt, festering cesspool of unbridled power, dirty money, and even fraudulent elections.


There is no real difference between the Democrats and the Republicans now. There is only the illusion of real choice. Before we can make any real substantive changes, we must face these facts and stop believing in false narratives. While we may not all agree ideologically, we can agree with the specific tactics necessary to effect a real transformation of our government. We also recognize that we must band together in this battle for the common good.


To this end, we ask all American workers -- nurses and other healthcare workers, farmers, doctors, police, firefighters, bartenders, auto workers, steel workers, dock workers, truck drivers, teachers, civil servants, coal miners, and even the retired and unemployed -- to join #BecomeUngovernable throughout 2019 in a series of general strikes and consumer boycotts. We can only make real change if we choose to stand and exercise our power. We are the many. We have it. We simply must resolve to take a stand.


Previous attempts have created barely a ripple, folks!

We are being distracted by the corrupt duopoly and its puppetmasters. They are trying to co-opt the people's movement. Although we believe momentum is building, our May Day strike created barely a ripple in the pond. We must take a stand that the Elites feel, and to do that we must hit them where they hurt: Right in their profits. One day of NOBODY serving the elites in any capacity would send a message that would resonate throughout the nation, even the world.


It is not merely a day without Immigrants. It is not merely a day without Women. It should be a day without all of us, a day of true solidarity, standing shoulder to shoulder for the common good. In order to build a nation that works for the common man, corporate, Wall Street and billionaire money must be removed from our electoral system and our legislative process immediately.


Communicating information about the strike is one of the biggest challenges we have. Please share this page as much as you can to bring people on board!


And if you can join #BecomeUngovernable as a coordinator or helper, please write us at as soon as you can! Be sure to write "Strikes and Boycotts" in the subject line so we can respond immediately!

To Make This Happen, We Need Your Support!

The biggest challenge we have is communication, particularly with those who are not on the Internet and social media. They must not be forgotten! We are on Patreon and other venues trying to raise money to create outreach and educational programs about the role of good citizenship and the power of the people. Please help us out in any way you can. You will not go away empty handed! Please visit our support page by clicking the button below!

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