We Must Starve the Elites!


On September 3 and 4, it is more than just not getting up for work. It is about refusing to be good consumers for the elites. They do not amass their wealth without us. We make them rich, and we can turn the tides on them very easily if we use our consumer power.


Stock up before the holiday because on September 3 and 4, we buy absolutely nothing. We do not eat at restaurants, fast food or otherwise. We do not go to the moves; we do not feed the Hollywood elites either. We do not go to liquor stores, food stores, or convenience stores for newspapers, drinks, condoms, cigarettes or other little necessities. 


We do not purchase coffee from Starbucks, Peets, or any other outlet. Make your coffee at home.


We refuse to consume.


We do not purchase anything on line from Amazon or any other source. We do not download music from ITunes (and your kids can live for a couple of days). We do not place a single bid on Ebay. We do not buy from anyone.


These are some of our favorite targets!



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