Strike/Boycott Events in 2019


September 3-7, 2019 Post-Labor Day Action 

A four-day consumer boycott beginning on midnight September 3 and ending at midnight September 7. I know time is tight on this, but we need to spread the word. This is a no-brainer, Ungovernables! Everyone has already blown their life savings over the Labor Day Weekend. It's time to reign in the spending, and this is the perfect way to do it! 


Come on, people! We can do this! Either way, it's a great warm-up for what's to come!



Friday, November 29: Boycott Black Friday 2019!

Is there an uglier beginning to what is supposed to be a non-commercial holiday? Americans have managed to turn Santa Claus into a provider of endless entertainment to a pack of entitled, bratty children of our own creation. We just cannot say "No." There are no limits, and nothing is off-limits. 


The holiday season is rife with stories about people fighting over toys, gifts and material goods of no real consequence. It's almost a sickness that we cannot stop consuming. The very preparation for the grand event is fraught with everything that Christmas is not supposed to be about: Gluttony.


Just say "No" to Black Friday. Stay home. Do yourselves a favor and purge yourselves of this manic dash to the holiday season.



Monday, December 2, 2019: Boycott Cyber Monday!

Following on the heels of Black Friday is part two of the great fleecing of the American public. Some of the same poachers who benefit by Black Friday also benefit by Cyber Monday. They've all got their flyers ready to go even as of today.


Just say "No." This is not the last good deal you'll get before the holidays. That's an outright lie. It's time to take a stand and flex our muscle. This is another no-brainer. If you can't muster the backbone for this, you might as well get yourself a white flag and wave it.



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