Through Strikes and Boycotts We Can Exercise Our Power and Free Ourselves From Servitude!

We must celebrate the hard-working men and women everywhere every day. In America, our government no longer values its people. We must stand up for each other against the elites and oligarchs who have bought and sold our legislators, and who are often the authors and architects of our legislation.


In 2019, we must stop begging and start demanding.


We must communicate these priorities to everyone in Washington:



  • We demand an immediate end to our present system of election financing. This means an immediate end to dark money donations from corporations, Wall Street, lobbyists and billionaires who then extort our politicians for special favors. We demand an end to Political Action Committees (PACS) and SuperPACS. Unless this goal is achieved, none of the following demands can possibly be met.


  • Individual donations are the for the same amount of money whether your last name is Smith or Rockefeller. Candidates themselves may not donate above and beyond the determined amount. All donations are public.


  • A uniform system of voting shall be established: All national ballot elections (primaries included) will be open and conducted in the same manner from state to state; all caucuses will be conducted consistently from state to state. All voting will be via paper ballot, with hand counting under supervision by a citizen board of election.


  • An end to war-for-profit as a business model. We stand in solidarity against America's imperial interventionist aggression that feeds the never-ending greed of the globalist war profiteers. This would require that our president(s) stand before Congress and the American people, and make a case for war, providing clear evidence that there is no other solution. No war without Congressional/citizen approval.


  • An honest government that spends our money on us in the form of good jobs, earning a living wage, health care for all, free public education, and and end to crippling student debt. Social Security and other "earned benefit" (not "entitlement") programs are off limits to cuts.


  • $15 an hour as the wage floor immediately, not gradually increased over years. We will accept nothing less. We call on unions to vigorously fight "right to work" legislation, which is nothing more than union-busting and an assault on worker rights and wages.


  • An end to the police brutality spreading across the nation and directed at people of color. More importantly, police who abuse their power must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We also call for an immediate end to the militarization of our police forces across the nation.


  • An economy that serves everyone, not just the top one or two percent. This includes the hard-working immigrants who help make our economy run. While we understand the need for and support a program of comprehensive immigration reform with realistic limits, we demand an immediate end to deportations. Everyone presently in America must be given a path to citizenship. We do not support raids, harassment or deportation.


  • Fair trade agreements. We must insist that foreign workers in partner countries are paid decent living wages that facilitate the growth of family-sustaining economies. People should not have to leave their homes and their countries to adequately support their families.


  • A government that respects the lives, customs and beliefs of Native Americans, and honors treaties signed with them. These treaties are legal and binding, and they do not expire. Their sacred land is theirs to use as they see fit, and agents of the government have no right to steal it and misuse it to please their corporate masters.


  • A responsible government that recognizes the reality and danger of climate change and how mankind has contributed to this process. We call on our government to invest in renewable energy sources like solar, wind and water rather than drilling in the Arctic or fracking ourselves to death. We also call on the government to stop investing in environmentally-disastrous, unreliable pipelines like DAPL and Keystone-XL, which will only exascerbate climate change.



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