Strike/Boycott Events in 2020


October 3-5, 2020:  #Ungovernables2020 in Washington, D.C.


This is our primary action for 2020, and currently our priority. 


We are running live streams every Sunday as we progress toward this event in Washington. You can be part of the live streams and the events by getting yourself a Protonmail account (free, encrypted, and no personal info required), and writing to me at You will then be on the stream invite list.


There are no big-dollar donors to this event, no lunch tickets, no free rides there, no politicians or millionaires, no pink pussy hats, and no cocktail parties. We will go there without permits. This is the definition of "grassroots," and it needs to stay that way.


Everything you need to know can be found at, the official website of #Ungovernables2020.






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