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Dumping Amazon/Whole Foods Should Be A Priority

There are many corporate entities that we must boycott, but perhaps none with as much urgency as the unholy alliance of Amazon and Whole Foods. Jeff Bezos is a predatory capitalist whose averge employee salary is about $28,000 a year. Bezos earns that much money every nine seconds. In reality, the majority of Amazon's employees are "gig economy' contractors who receive low wages with no benefits. In addition Amazon pays virtually no federal taxes, thanks to the Trump administration tax cuts of 2017.


While Bernie Sanders and Jeff Bezos bask in the fraudulent media glory of Amazon's $15/hour employee salary, the employees do not see it that way. Bezos actually cut their stock awards and incentive pay at the same time he raised their wages.


You might want to educate yourselves before continuing to buy from the Online Antichrist:






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